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Welcome to SGHOUSEONLINE.  We believe in TRULY listening to your needs and helping you achieve your ultimate property goals. Whatever changes you’re hoping to make or goals you’re trying to achieve, I’ll provide you with sound advice and professional guidance every step of the way.

In SGHOUSEONLINE, our team firmly uphold onto our core belief -C.A.R.E

"C" stands for Care. Our team's priority is to listen to our clients’ property needs and goals, both short and long term. We always brainstorm and strategies how to achieve them in the shortest possible time. In short, we are always client-centric.

"A" represents Assurance. We give our clients assurance that the whole process is carefully planned out in terms of timeline, financial calculations etc. At the same time, we help mitigate risks and ensure they have safety net funds for unforeseen circumstances.

"R" Respect is the next value we uphold, which is the foundation for a great relationship with customers. When respect is built, it is much easier to handle unexpected situations. We respect every decision our clients make with understanding and empathy.

Lastly "E" Empower. We constantly want to empower our clients with confidence to kick start their property journey and work towards an enjoyment retirement with financial freedom with us.

Since 2012, we had came together as a team, in providing professional consulting services to clients.


From strategic planning to innovative solutions, our focus are always on building an efficient and results-driven relationship. Listening and working closely with client to create a customised plan of action for our clients. 

We know property buying and selling can often be overwhelming. SGHOUSEONLINE offer a wide array of services and working business partner to help you through the process seamlessly.

We serve our clients with utmost pride and delight,  reassuring you that we are always here for you, making sure you find your perfect property - A dream home or The best investment property.  
Let us work together with you in making the first step today!  Chat with us now

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What We Do


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