Recently there is hype on "what will happen to my HDB after 99 years ". We all know that at the end it will be ZERO in value after the tenure has run out.

If you are someone who worried about what happens after that then I think there are a few options that you can consider.

Awareness and pre-planning can make the 99-year HDB lease a minor problem.

Since you are aware of this problem then its time to make a Choice.

The simplest way to deal with the 99-year HDB lease is to know what you stand. Get some financial advice on what you can get out of your current HDB and what type of property that you can buy that will appreciate in Value so that you can always leverage on that for a second property.

Option One

Sacrifice unlimited choice of housing for a BTO flat. You can Opt for a BTO flat comes with a new lease of 99 years, which should be more than enough for to last you a lifetime and still allow your children to live, mortgage-free, for several decades.

The only obstacles will be your Eligibility, Loan and lastly your balloting.

Option Two

Look for a resale HDB, while there are still more than 60 years on the HDB lease.

Plan in advance to upgrade, downgrade, or just change to a newer home by a certain time.

Option 3

If you know where you stand from some financial planning, and a 99-year lease worries you, get a freehold.

A freehold development tends to sell for around 10% more than a 99-year condo. However, that doesn't translate into a 10% profit for you next time you sell it . What I am trying to put it here is that you will still retain much of its value.

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For many years Eugene has been helping clients in their property portfolio, which includes financial calculations and advising them on high profit yielding properties.